1819 Progress Report: Redesign & Rebuilding

To me, finding the potential in a space is the why behind what I do. I love looking at a hot mess and not only seeing the hidden probabilities, but revealing them to my clients. It’s been even more rewarding to redesign my own space and uncover the possible ways it could serve as a showroom and a desperately needed office space. I keep catching myself saying, “When I have my showroom…” every time I need a place to meet clients or a work space that isn’t my dining room table.

For all of you out there struggling with an inadequate home, I feel your pain. My business has long outgrown my home and I honestly was in denial about having a physical location because of all of the new challenges it brings. I feel like I just got a handle on where I was and now – growing pains!

Here is our progress report on 1819 Brackett Ave:

With demolition complete, we started laying out walls and framing them.

The man atop the ladder is my amazing boyfriend Kevin. He is framing in the header over the new conference room that will also house my office. So many great designs are just waiting to be worked on in that space.

Once we framed in the walls, all of the HVAC and electrical was overhauled. The showroom will have updated LED lights as well as chandeliers and pendants. We then spent an afternoon picking up and transporting 28 sheets of drywall measuring 54” x 12’. If you have never had that experience, keep it that way. (We broke none!)

It’s amazing what a difference new drywall, skim coating and some paint make. Seeing everything come together is making this whole process worth the late nights.

I chose a soft gray/brown on the walls for a neutral look that goes with everything in the main showroom. We have a fun textured wood wall planned for behind our front desk! Our next steps are to remove the carpet glue before installing the flooring and then the custom cabinets.

Prepping for Spring

With the New Year starting, we can begin looking forward to spring. The weather may not cooperate, but our new spring line is almost in! We have a variety of options for the upcoming season that can work with any style and budget. Sign up for our newsletter to gain VIP access when inventory arrives.

We carry so many options that we have something for everyone from colorful floral bundles to dimensional wall art to subtle accents. Check out our vendor’s video tutorials on how to use these great products.

Upcoming Events

The 39th Annual CVHBA Home and Garden Show is back! Click below for more information on tickets and event schedule.

Stay warm and we can’t wait to see you at our new location!

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