2023 Interior Design Trends

2023 Interior Design trends

2023 interior design trends are all about creating a balanced, modern look that is comfortable and inviting. There is a focus on cleverly mixing styles and textures, such as combining natural materials with geometric shapes and bright colors. Natural materials incorporated into designs include wood, stone, rattan, and even metal. Textures create a cozy atmosphere while natural light is being used in innovative ways to create bright, airy spaces. Geometric shapes, such as hexagons, enhance texture and interest. Lastly, technology is being used more and more to create a unique and interactive experience in the home.


Modern design has evolved over the years, but it remains clean and simple, no matter what style you add it too. It can be bold or understated, but either way it has an impact with little effort.

Color Palette: Urbane Bronze 7048, Mega Greige 7031, Dovetail 7018, Mindful Gray 7016, Passive 7064

(all colors Sherwin Williams)

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Adding texture instantly elevates any design. Texture creates interest in monochromatic color palettes and brings depth to your space. This can be a mix of materials or even shapes as geometric pieces play with light the same way texture does.


Color Palette: Iron Ore 7069, Attitude Gray 7060, Versatile Gray 6072, Nebulous White 7063, Downy 7002 

(all colors Sherwin Williams)

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Natural is a broad style, but it can be a great thing to add into existing decor or be its own style. Touches of greenery or additions of natural materials such as wood, cotton, stone, or jute bring the outdoors in. Natural doesn’t have to be boring. Tone on tone or a mix of materials keeps your home from feeling underwhelmed.


Color Palette: Black Fox 7020, Toasty 6095, Cobble Brown 6082, Requisite Gray 7023, Shoji White 7042

(all colors Sherwin Williams)

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Custom window coverings are another way to add in trends or a classic look to your home. They are functional and don’t add clutter. Contact for a free consultation.

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