5 Ways to Bring in Spring

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and update your home with these 5 ways to bring in spring. I’m really excited that winter is tapering off with the idea of warmth and green just around the corner.

Add color

Spring is the perfect time to try out a new color. Go bright and bold with a coral or teal for a fresh look. Try deep and dark with emerald or charcoal to offset lighter furnishings.

bring in nature

A little green goes a long way and adds life to a space. Vary heights of fiddle trees in corners with fun pots, add a sprig to vase for an easy update, or go for real greenery and put together a tabletop succulent garden.

Add light

Layered lighting makes a room. Overhead lights and lamps with dimmer swtiches can make all the difference in how your space feels. With winter ending, natural light is able to play a bigger part. Window treatments can also affect the way natural lighting filters in.

add indoor/outdoor

Give your seasonal and outdoor areas some love. The Midwest only has about 4 good months so taking advantage of early warm weather to prep the extensions of your home. Invest in an indoor/outdoor rug for comfort under foot and indoor/outdoor pillows stand up to weather while inviting you to relax.

Add scents

Even if the flowers aren’t blooming yet your home can smell like you just added a fresh bouquet. Switch up your candles or even beauty products for a seasonal update. Leave behind the heavy scents of winter for clean and light fragrances.

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