Demo Day

Other than the day a project is completed, the best day is demolition day. There is no turning back once you break into the drywall and rip up flooring. Here is the progress report on our new showroom at 1819 Brackett Ave.

Demolition in Progress
Demolition in Progress

The first thing we did was remove the flooring as it was a hazard and we needed to ensure that the floor itself was buckling and not the concrete slab. Our next project will be to remove the walls that we don’t need and build the ones we do.

Demolition in Progress
Demolition in Progress

Proposed Design

We have every room of your home covered from the custom cabinets you were able to glance at in the We Bought a Zoo post to having a master suite. Our showroom will layout every room of your home to make the design process easier.

New Vendors

We’ve expanded our home décor options to include seasonal accessories. Whether it’s the holidays or just a fresh take on spring, we can furnish all of the accents to complete your home.

Stay tuned for our holiday posts with plenty of tips to get your home ready for any celebration.

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