Dressing Your Home:Part 3

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

After determining your purpose and choosing your base pieces, now we add the layers. Your blazer, sweater or killer boots complete the perfect outfit while lamps, tables, artwork or a great rug add depth and dimension to your room. This is where you start adding those colors that show up repeatedly in your closet. We are naturally drawn to pieces that make us feel and look good. Why not bring that into our homes which are an extension of ourselves? Our style is unique to us. Express yourself with the abandon you had as a kid. There are no rules to design. Only the confidence to execute. The great thing about layers is the limitless options. Your room should always be evolving. There is no point when it is done just as your wardrobe is never really complete. The trick is to ensure that you know when to stop just adding new and find a balance between buying, rotating and retiring pieces. As hard as it is, you know when your favorite pair of shoes has reached its last leg. Know when to refinish and when to replace. The other part of a great wardrobe is the mix of time worn classics with the current fashion sprinkled in. No one wants a repeat of terrible fashion eras as an all trendy look tends to date itself very quickly. This will not only be friendlier on your wallet by only occasionally purchasing new items, but create a more tailored and timeless look that has evolved over time. There is nothing wrong with trendy pieces, just keep them to a minimum and within a budget so when the fad has passed you can part with it amicably.

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” —Marc Jacobs.

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