Dressing Your Home: Part 4

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”—Coco Chanel.

Now that you have all the activities determined, the crucial pieces and some of the trimmings, congratulations! You have an outfit and a room to be proud of. Now comes the fun part. This is the area that still follows the same basic principles outlined previously but with more of an emphasis on the details. We can call this the icing on the cake or the finishing touch but whether you are putting together an outfit or a room its known as accessorizing. Whatever you call it, accessorizing is a necessary part of creating an amazing space, but only after you put the work into all the steps leading up to this point. This is usually where people get stuck and can be a crucial point when a room feels tailored or hodge podged together. This is where I am going to reiterate a piece from the previous step: know when to stop. Accessories are a great place to continue the color palette and style previously establish yet should be easy enough to replace when the time comes as they tend to be the trendy items. When introducing a color into your room you need to repeat it several times to ensure it feels purposeful. your outfit. You typically do not wear more than 2 or 3 feature colors at once and those colors are usually repeated in shoes, a belt, jewelry, hairpiece – basically your accessories. Treat your room the same way you treat your outfit. Dangly earrings or a leather bracelet? Chunky necklace or a simple headband? Two pillows or fifteen and a half? Matching pairs or a collection of items? Remember the way you wear items. One bold piece or several subtle items. Vary material, shade and style while using one piece to tie it all together. It might be a piece that already resides in the room such as your comforter, the rug or artwork. It could also be that unique find that completely expresses you in a small kitsch vase you tuck into a bookcase. Anything has the potential to be the focal point. Your outfit tells a story. Use your home to tell your story, even if you are the only one to hear it.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

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