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It’s spring. I’m officially calling it as the temperature is hovering above 30oF this morning. Ignoring the snowstorm forecasted for this afternoon, I’m adding floral décor because white is so last season. Here are my favorite floral and green pieces and ways to add spring with little effort.

Floral As Wall Art

wall bike floral tulip dimensional wall décor

I love sculptural pieces you can use as a backdrop for seasonal accessories. This bike is fun and really fits the spring theme. You can also use wall planters.

I have a tendency to kill plants so I gravitate toward faux greenery and floral. Saves everyone time and embarrassment!

Have some fun with wall décor and experiment with items such as buckets or baskets to hang on a fun hook and fill with fresh or faux flowers.

Love taking care of real plants? A wall herb garden is an interesting addition to a dining or kitchen wall with a functional aspect. Add some flowers to mix up the greenery or put some creativity into the potting containers.    

Add in anywhere

teal storage bin with floral décor

I like floral arrangements in certain situations, but there is a place for bursting collections of flowers! Any container works and they add so much to your existing décor.

Place on the floor to soften the edges of a table, sofa or bench. Brighten up your table tops with a collection of vases and flowers.

Forget the container and just tuck bunches behind frames or other accessories for a casual feeling. The possibilities are endless for where you can add a touch of spring.

Real of faux, greenery and flowers bring a sense of life to a space. They should be a part of your décor no matter your style.

simple floral décor

whitewashed lamp orchid gold candle orb

Not a flower person or floral bunches seem messy to you? Keep it understated with something simple such as an orchid or more structured greens like topiaries. This works well in a space with limited room or an area where work and activities occur.

geometric pots with faux greenery

Bamboo or grasses in unique pots spruce up your bathroom or kitchen counter while standing up to forgetfulness and little light. Bamboo is the only plant I’ve been able to keep alive, plus real plants help clean your air!

Timid about adding real plants or floral? Start with small faux greenery to get comfortable. Add personality with fun containers whether repurposing décor items or by raiding your local hardware store or greenhouse for stylish plant pots.

Whatever you decide to do with real or faux greenery, have fun and don’t limit yourself. Remember to protect your surface against water if using real plants in your floral décor.

Trying to find the perfect floral décor? Shop my collection of faux greens and pots here.

Looking for other spring design tips? I have spring paint colors that will have you snapping out of the winter blues.

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