gift guide for new moms

gift guides for new moms

It’s almost Mother’s Day! With my nephew nearing 1 year my sister is about to celebrate her first mother’s day so I put together a little gift guide for new moms in your life (or experienced ones)! You can shop this post too or find other ideas at Gray Décor Co!

grey deer blanket

Cuddly blankets are a must but they don’t have to be brightly colored with commercial cartoons all over them. This Grey Deer Knit Blanket is soft in feeling and color for a calming affect on everyone.

snuggle pillow

Pillows are a necessity for any mom. They help prop, support and just look so adorable anywhere . (Plus they are perfect for nap time – kids or mom.) Our Snuggle Pillow is pretty self explanatory. Plus we have a Hug Me Pillow because who wouldn’t want to hug their mom?

elephant lamp

Lighting is so important, more so at a 3am feeding or for bad dreams. A whimsical lamp is on another level. Pair with a dimmable bulb or a smart outlet for the right level of light needed. I love this Elephant Lamp! It has movement and can be educational.

animal prints

Bare butts happen, but bare walls shouldn’t. Artwork or dimensional wall décor creates a magical world for kids. A collection of Animal Prints or the Alphabet and Number Wall Hanging perk up a bedroom or playroom with little fuss.

alphabet and numbers wall hanging
sheep teepee

Playtime is important, whether you’re a child or parent. These fun toys also look good which means they will blend in with other décor because toys don’t always stay in the playroom!

Our Sheep Teepee can help create boundaries and doubles as toy storage when guests arrive! A Rocking Llama is a new twist on the traditional rocking horse and the Lamb Mobile holds little ones attention as they fall asleep.

roacking llama
lamb mobile

Whatever you get for any mom, new or experienced, make sure it makes their life easier. Interested in other items? Check out Gray Décor Co for more baby gift ideas or to shop this post. More of an entertaining mom? See our gift guide here.

Looking for help working from home? Check out our blog post on just that!

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