How to stage a bed

It’s all in the making of the bed. This takes a little bit of work before each showing, but if you are set up properly this process can go smoothly every time.

clean white sheets

  1. Start with clean white sheets. It’s cliché, but white sheets reflect cleanliness and give a feeling of being at a hotel. If you don’ want to replace the sheets before each showing, short sheet by adding a flat white sheet to cover up the mattress. Tuck in the corners to create the look of a fitted sheet at the top of the bed and fold the bottom up to also be the flat sheet.

bed with comforter

  1. A comforter or duvet is a must. No blankets. Ensure the color goes with your décor or invest in a neutral one. Use the pillow shams if they come with for a coordinated look.

fresh pillows for showings

  1. Set aside pillows just for showings so you don’t have to deal with wrinkles or reshaping the ones you’ve been sleeping on. Same goes for any accent pillows. They are just for show as it is a lot of work to completely remake your bed up every day. Know how you are going to stage the bed and take a picture so anyone in the home can recreate the hotel look.
  1. Layer your bedding and accent pillows. Fold the comforter halfway down and then a quarter back. This gives room for the pillows and makes the bed seem luxurious. Play with large Euro pillows, regular pillows and some small accent pillows. You can also add a throw or duvet at the bottom for added texture, color and interest.

Bedroom with accessories

  1. Accessories are optional. A tray with flowers, books and coffee cups further complete the experience a potential buyer has when they enter their potential retreat.

Creating a master bedroom retreat is just a small part of readying your home, but it is one of the most important spaces to give attention to. Not interested in doing it yourself? Gray Area Interiors provides staging advice and services. Contact us to help your home make a memorable first impression for potential buyers.

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