Simple Holiday Decor Tips

…and not Christmas ones!

Somewhere, somehow, the season of fall has become a little lost. We hold onto summer as long as we can, pause for Halloween and then BAM!, run right into the “holidays” that involve snow and shopping. There is nothing wrong with the holidays as long as we don’t overdo it. Ornaments and wreaths out in September is a little much so I am here to offer some holiday décor tips that keep us in the fall spirit so that by Dec 20th we aren’t already tired of seeing Santa everywhere.

Here are 5 great tips to bring back fall as a season, Thanksgiving as a holiday and not just time to prep for the drama of Black Friday.

  1. Use your Vegetables: Can you hear your mother? Fall has a great selection of colors in the form course vegetables that are not only amazing to eat, but also great for use in your décor. Spray paint pumpkins colors to fit in with your existing décor or invest in the white ones to add a touch of class. Use as accents or centerpieces to spread the fall spirit.
  2. Who doesn’t love flowers? They are great any time of the year, but fall flowers have a wide array of colors and textures to add to any décor. Using floral additions such as hydrangeas, sunflowers, mums and others in the fall palette give warmth inside as the temperature outside drops. Play around with well known flowers such as roses in a fall color such as purple or coral. Place in your summer pots or any charming metal container with a kiss of rust for low maintenance addition.
  3. One word – Pillows. Accents like pillows and throws make a large impact for a small investment. You can go all out with seasonal themes, or stick with colors and textures which increases the time they are able to adorn your space. Try out a variety of sizes with large floor and fun bolsters while mixing patterns of plaid and floral to capture the welcoming feeling a holiday home has.
  4. Go natural. Fall is an amazing season because of the beautiful colors and textures nature provides. Use birch logs as firewood to display in a wicker or metal basket. Add pinecones, acorns or even pumpkins to apothecary jars to mimic a fall bar. Create unique additions with deer antlers and magnolia leaves for a twist on tradition.
  5. Add some spice! There is something about the smell of fall with pumpkin, cinnamon and caramel that puts us into the season. Doing it naturally is another matter as most air sprays and candles have harmful chemicals and toxins which are not good for you or your home. An easy way to add the scent of fall is to simmer a pot of aromatics such as apples, oranges, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon or cloves on your stove. Play around with different combinations depending on your preference. You can also drop some essential oils in the scent of choice on pinecones that can be set anywhere to add to décor or add to some water and a sprayer for your DIY room freshener. And lastly, dig out your favorite fall dishes and bake. Nothing makes your home smell more like spice than cooking them.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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