Spring Paint Colors We Love

spring paint colors we love

Ironically as I write this we are in a winter storm warning for the umpteenth time in February, but spring is coming at some point. It’s always better to be prepared for when the sun decides to stay.

I’ve put together spring paint colors we love to get the inspiration going. They are paint colors, but don’t limit yourself to the walls. Use these to curate some unique pieces for your home. Interested in any of the pieces shown? Check out our shop.


spring colros we love greige

Greige, the new gray. When the gray craze took over from the tan and taupe trend, there was a realization that we went from warm to cold and we no longer loved our spaces.

One way to keep your home feeling warm and welcoming, but still using the on point color of gray is to warm it up. Most of us can’t handle the true color of gray and so adding a warm undertone can make all the difference in the world.

Enter greige which works with so many wood tones and other colors. As we move from winter to warmth it can be tempting to overload on the color, but simplifying our interior d├ęcor can be a better transition.

Stick to warm whites and grays in a variety of accessories. Be careful when choosing larger pieces in a lighter color. As beautiful as those white sofas look, it’s not practical for most people. Think kids, pets, entertaining and how often you eat in front of the TV.

Accessorizing or painting in these light neutral shades brings in the feeling you want without sacrificing your way of life in your home.


teal spering colors we adore

You can never have enough teal! It’s a pretty standard color for summer, but lighten it up and you’ve got a perfect spring color that hints at water and sunshine.

The mix of blue and green have the same effect as greige in that you have a mix of warm and cool tones that work well with dark wood stains and soft painted pieces.


citrus spring colors we adore

There is nothing that says spring like citrus! A perfect crisp color that works as a neutral, naturally popping against whites, woods and breathes life into any space.

Every room should have some sort of greenery, living or faux depending on your comfort level, no matter your color scheme.


spring paint colors we love coral

No spring color palette is complete without a burst of coral. This mix of pink and orange injects energy and a feeling of fun. Works great on it’s own or can be paired with multiple colors for a true accent color.

Find your inspiration for spring and if you need help, stop into our showroom or schedule a color consulation!

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