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It is summer and the best time to bring out the color. I know the all white interiors are still all the rage, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Not everyone can pull it off or live in a space that only looks good when clean. So instead of trying to live with someone else’s idea of the perfect design, pick out some colors that reflect you this summer and bring your space to life. Whether its paint or an accent piece, here are some of our favorite this season.

Onyx Paint Color

Let’s start off with completely rejecting white! I love the dark bronzes and grays. They are a great pair with the white woodwork and white cabinetry that is trending. Try it out as an accent color in pillows and metal accessories or experiment in smaller rooms such as a bathroom or laundry room. Dark colors sometimes get a bad rap for making spaces feel smaller when they can actually create a larger space. Think of how we use shadows to judge depth – the darker the shadow, the further away something is.

Teal Paint Color

Teal – cliché summer color I know, but look at all of the different options! Dark or light, this combination of green and blue is always a soothing palette to work with. Pull color inspiration from the water to match your mood. Dark and stormy, bright and calm or soft and subtle; there is a teal that works in every space.

Violet Paint Color

Was this a royal summer or what? Bring a refined look to any space with violet. Warm up grays with a dusty purple or spice up blues with bright fuchsia. A versatile and sometimes neutral hue, violet is on trend this year.

Sea Glass Paint Color

A hold over from spring, pale blues and greens are a refreshing look this summer. Sea glass brings a crisp feeling whether you just want to brighten up you front door or create a retreat in your bedroom.

Whatever your color choices this summer, make sure they reflect you and your style. Your favorites are always on trend.

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