Sustainable Choices: Part 3

Repurposing // Reusing

We all know the importance of recycling, reusing, and repurposing, but people fail to see the great opportunities within their own spaces by utilizing these tactics.

All it takes is a new perspective on the given space. Simply moving pieces from one space to another can help transform a room to feeling more complete. Renovating an old signature furniture piece to a different color can bring that fresh look the space may have been lacking before. Creating that fresh desired space does not always have to be ordered at a store, the solution for your design could be right under your nose. So, how do you discover what piece will make the difference? Sometimes it may be difficult to identify since you are involved in that space on a daily basis. Inviting a friend over might be all that you need to gain that fresh eye the space needs. If that does not lead you towards progress, then seek a consultation with a professional who has been educated in solving these types of problems. We all have those pieces that have either been handed down or have a deep emotional trigger with ourselves, so lets not let those treasured items detract from the space but enhance it!

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I spoke in an earlier post about going shopping within your own home and now we can elaborate upon that idea. My first suggestion is to declutter. A great way to reduce is to clean out closets, get rid of purchased pieces you no longer even like and inherited “heirlooms” can go to other family members or even another family to start their own tradition. Not wanting to downsize? Repurpose and reuse. A can of spray paint can create a whole new look while creating a brand new piece of furniture out of an old one gives you a fun project to be proud of.

Have fun creating your dream space

By reusing and repurposing, you can have one of a kind pieces unique to your home. Start your own trend. If you need help
thinking of ways to redesign your existing furniture, give us a call and
we can help recreate your items to fit your style.

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