The Dating Game: Part 4


Furniture Layout

No matter how perfect you or your date looks, you can’t spend an evening staring at each other. Conversation is an important element. You can learn so much from not only what is said, but also from what is unsaid in body language and facial gestures. The layout of your furniture is important to communicate with potential buyers. The way a room is laid out should encourage people to interact and help start conversations. When people get together they gravitate towards each other and form small intimate groups. When the group gets too big, it naturally breaks into smaller groups keeping people comfortable and conversation flowing. Furniture needs to have this same make up. People don’t glue themselves to a wall so your sofa shouldn’t need to hold up the walls in your home.
Furniture Layout
Let your furniture breathe and create seating areas that speak to each other visually. Don’t worry about where your walls are; chairs, tables and your sofa should all be within a comfortable distance and inviting. No one should be shouting across the room or stumbling over a packed space. A rug is a great way to ensure placement of furniture. Use these 3 simple guidelines:

  1. All on – A rug large enough to have all of your furniture’s legs sitting on it with 12” to 18” of a border outside of the sitting area.
  2. All off – A smaller rug doesn’t have to shrink the space. Place all your furniture off the rug ensuring furniture legs are touching the rug to avoid floating pieces.
  3. Front legs on – Creates a cohesive space without the use of an oversize rug. Placing the front legs on keeps your rug in place and still shows off your floor.

Conversation between your furniture mirrors the type of conversation people will have. If the room is uncomfortable, conversation will be uncomfortable and then non-existent with parties moving to other areas such as a kitchen. If the room is inviting, it creates an amazing experience for the occupants and potential buyers will not want to leave.

Stay tuned for the final post of the series, ‘The Dating Game:Part 5 – Second Date’, to be posted June 1st, 2015.

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