The Dating Game: Part 2

First Impressions


One of the things your matchmaker will do is ensure you are enrolled in online dating. This means putting your home on MLS. 90% of buyers are shopping online for their home so your dating profile and pictures are extremely important. Clutter is the everyday mess we live with and it’s time to start packing. The pile of shoes by the door, the paperwork spread out on the dining room table and the dirty dishes sitting next to the dishwasher. It’s no different than the way you look every day and the way you look when you know you’re getting your picture taken that anyone with an internet connection can see. When you go on your first date you work really hard to look nice; it’s all about that first impression. It should be that way with your home.

The other part about clutter is that since it is the everyday mess we live with, sometimes we become complacent. It’s easy when we walk past the same issue day after day to no longer see it and our friends and neighbors aren’t always the best at telling us the truth if they even see it. A third party, such as a stager, can take an objective look and ensure your home looks its best.


Allowing potential buyers to see themselves in your space is very important. Depersonalizing is a must, but where do you stop? Think about a good first date again. You’re looking the best you can and you are on your best behavior – still you, just with some spit and polish. There are topics you don’t discuss until way later in the relationship and conversation flows back and forth between potential mates. There is that person you know that has a lot of baggage and they drag it everywhere with them, constantly talking about themselves and not allowing others to participate in a conversation. How much work is it to be around that person and how bad do you want to avoid them? When you depersonalize your home, personalized items can still be displayed. Just like the back and forth discussion you have on a date, your home should allow for potential buyers to see themselves in between your photos and collections.

Selling your home can be an emotional experience as the space you’ve lived, played, raised children, entertained and made memories in is now going to be a part of someone else’s life. Depersonalizing is the time to start the grieving process and begin separating yourself from your home. Packing up heirlooms and family treasures ensures they are ready for your quick sale and safe from the parade of potential buyers. It’s not that they will be stolen, but accidents happen and a bumped table can cause unneeded heartache.

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