The Dating Game: Part 3

Personality Flaws


Everyone has those clothes in the back of their closet they can still squeeze into and we’d maybe love to see back in style but those aren’t the first things we reach for when meeting someone for the first time. Outdated homes can be clean and comfortable, but people are looking for move-in ready. You don’t want to look at someone you’ve just met and think “I have my work cut out for me.” That is what a home with 1970’s light fixtures and avocado colored toilets says. I know it is easier to let the new owners make their own choices, but you are going to pass up many chances to receive an offer because a buyer is not interested in putting extra money or time into a house they buy.

The other part about cosmetic is maybe you have updated everything…or at least you started. Unfinished projects can scare potential buyers. If you weren’t able to finish the project, will they? Did something go wrong? Was it started right or will they have to tear it all out and start over? You don’t go out with half of a shave or part of your shoes tied. Give someone a home, not a house that needs a makeover.

Vacant Properties

Have you ever had a person you’ve had a conversation with and the minute they are out of eyesight you’ve forgotten the conversation and them? They look at you with their blank expression. Vacant properties are just like those people, no personality. A belief is that an empty space looks bigger and it can, but it also feels barren, cold and echoes. People want a space that feels inviting and welcome. Empty rooms are confusing to potential buyers. They don’t always know what the function of the room is. You do as you’ve lived there, but some rooms could be a number of different spaces and the minute you make a buyer think they are onto the next house.

The other problem with vacant properties is that every single flaw has just been highlighted. It’s like that first date with no makeup, no deodorant and no thought as to dress. Whether or not you believe in makeup, you don’t go around pointing out your wrinkles and imperfections to everyone. An empty space has no camouflage, nothing to detract from a carpet wear pattern, worn out wood floors and dingy walls. Today the market is favoring buyers and things that detract from a home add up to money and labor they aren’t willing to invest.

A vacant property is actually worse than a cluttered or outdated space. The entire space does not need to be filled with furniture. The main areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom are important to set up for potential buyers to see themselves in the space. You make sure the other person remembers you after that first date. Make sure buyers remember your home after their first visit.

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