We Bought a Zoo!

Well, a showroom actually. Catch this sneak peek of our new location! We purchased a commercial building at 1819 Brackett Ave and are in the process of renovating it into a new interior design showroom. We’ve teamed up with several local businesses to create an experience in choosing items for your home from cabinets to furniture to lighting to window coverings. Stay tuned for more updates and an opening day!


Not the prettiest building, but my job is to see past the uninspired box and find the potential and trust me it’s there. You cannot beat the location off of Brackett with easy access from anywhere in Eau Claire and all of the large windows allow in great natural light that most retail locations do not have.

The inside is also not at all fitting with interior design at first glance, but the open space and (again) the windows give a blank slate to work with. The flooring was laminate laid over carpet. Don’t ever do that! Carpet is not underlayment and does not breathe under flooring. The carpet was damp and musty when we pulled it up. It also caused the laminate to begin to heave in places such as in front of doors where it was a tripping hazard. The contractor special wood trim and uninspired colors will be replaced with larger white and stained wood trim and an updated neutral color palette to better serve as a backdrop for the pieces you are choosing for your home.


We are excited to showcase custom kitchen cabinets and have a great corner chosen to display all of the wonderful features available. In addition, we now offer custom closet solutions to help keep everything organized. A place for everything starts and ends your day right.

Check back to see our progress and for more sneak peeks.

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