Where to Hang Artwork

Where to hang artwork. On every available inch of space right? While it may seem logical and artwork goes wherever you feel there is dead space in your home, that isn’t the way to determine where wall décor goes.

First, what does wall art do? It actually defines a space and helps anchor furnishings. Artwork puts that finishing touch on your room that can direct your guests’ eyes as they take in your home.

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That is a hefty job so ensuring you choose the right piece and spot can make or break your room. As a focal point, artwork gives your eye a place to settle as it takes in everything while white space allows for a break. The white space is just as important as your artwork. Without it, a space feels cluttered.

Choosing the Piece

Artwork generally finishes off a room, but it can be that the piece is what your entire space is designed from. Pull colors from your art for accessories and use the style to determine the type of furnishings. Wall art is a great way to express yourself so choose a piece you feel captures you.

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You can go the traditional route with a standard piece of art or shake things up with dimensional wall décor. A floor mirror can fill up a wall that doesn’t allow for other furniture, display metal wall art and let your wall color show through and embrace seasonal décor with a piece that can be changed out easily such as a wreath. Step outside your comfort zone. If you are interested in Gallery Walls click here!

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Choosing the Spot

Whether you decide to start or end with your art piece, you need to know where it will go. Determining where you want your focal points to be comes first. Identify the natural focal points such as windows, fireplaces or a strong design detail such as an exposed brick wall. If your space has no focal point, you can always add one. As you enter a room, where are your eyes drawn to or where do you want them drawn to? This is a great place for a focal point.

Your space should not have more than one main focal point. You can have up to 2 secondary points, but more than two main create competition. If you have an amazing fireplace, don’t fight with it by creating a gallery wall. Feature what naturally grabs your attention and use others as a supporting backdrop. When using art as the focal point, ensure it has your attention as soon as you enter the room. Putting it on the same wall as the door diminishes its effect.

Here are a couple suggestions for choosing the right spot.

    Living Room: Typically over your sofa but again, pay attention to your focal points. Highlighting a wall opposite the sofa gives you something to look at while sitting.

    Bedroom: Depending on the height of your headboard, artwork can create height when displayed over the bed. Don’t have windows? Experiment with his and her artwork on either side of the nightstands.

    Hallways: Dress up the very end of your hallway. I would not recommend a mirror as you don’t want the hallway to feel longer than it needs to be and it can scare you every time you walk towards yourself. Unless you have a wide hallway or it’s a loft style without a wall on one side, keep the pieces on the side walls to a minimum.

    Office: Bookcases are fun places for your smaller pieces. Play around with mixing in artwork with your accessories and books.

Hanging Your Piece in the Perfect Spot

Once you’ve chosen the perfect piece and laid out your room, it’s time to hang your artwork. There are a couple of ways to determine where.

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Once you get the basics down, play around with layering or even just adding a shelf that you can easily swap out artwork if you change things up on a regular basis. Good luck!

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