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In this new normal, we are entering a gray area as our work lives collide even more with our personal lives. Our homes are no longer the refuge from our jobs we experienced before, so carving out a space to still work and have a personal life is critical. Working from home the first six years of my business, I had to learn pretty quick what worked and what didn’t. It was a choice I had that many of you don’t at this time. I also didn’t have to share a space with a significant other or home school any kids. I feel your pain and have some tips to help create an amazing work space that can be a part of or separate from your new home life so you can work from home in style!

This basement nook is just a wider section of hallway that had potential for anything, such as a home office! If yours can only be a corner of the couch, dedicate an end table and commandeer the cocktail table to ensure you have some flat surfaces. This one was set up as a temporary office so that it can have other functions after work moves back to, well, work.

Once you’ve discovered your space, decide what is a necessity for you to function. Do you need a printer or can you print wirelessly? Are you task driven with lists and a calendar or do pictures of family or inspirational places motivate you? How easily distracted are you with TV, other household tasks or even family? This is really crucial for setting up your space, but fortunately can be adjusted as you learn what works for you to be successful.

It’s also important to have the things you need handy so that a further time waster is not getting up every time you need the stapler or a resource. If you don’t have room for all of the items in one space, create task areas that you can go to perform several functions at a time. Try to make the tasks related to cut down on travel time and the likelihood of being distracted.

I added a ceramic pen holder that worked with the overall décor, but also holds utensils. The candle looks pretty and can be a stress reliever with it’s scent. Deer bookends are fun while providing organization. Play around with items you probably already have in your home that can liven up your office and give you functional work space.

Bring in plants, real or faux, to add life and color. Fun and functional accessories such as these hourglass timers add whimsy and remind you to take breaks. The chalkboard shelf varies the height of the artwork, gives room for accents but it’s also a reusable note pad.

Remember that working form home does not require you to add to your workload of household chores just because you are there. I had to remind myself that the laundry and dishes should be done before work or could wait until after hours, otherwise I wouldn’t get any work done. You’ll find your flow. The best thing is to have a routine.

Happy working from home!

We are still available for design calls and emails if you are looking for design assistance with your home offices or any other room in your home.

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